Our vision - world without waste!

Kompotek Ltd developes innovative methods to reuse waste products as a raw materials for new products.

Almost everything goes

Patented process can reuse many different kind of materials as supply. Wood, paper, cardboard and many other fibers – textiles, fiberglass, carbon fiber etc. In addition to fibers polymers (PE, PET, PP, POM, ABS…) are other significant part of the final products. Material rations are adjustable based on the desired product properties.

The method makes it possible to use virgin materials as well as recycled products, that would otherwise end up to the dumping ground.

Advantages of the technology

  • Raw materials commonly available
  • Possibility to use a big quantity of fibers
  • Tools and molds are cheap
  • The production is scalable
  • Environmentally friendly process, low energy consumption and no water required, wastless production


Composite material is capable to replace pure plastic in many cases. Other possible applications are for example construction industry, vehicle industry and packaging and logistics as well as frugal innovations.

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